After-school classes 2019 / 2020


Free time classes focused on computational thinking and product design. The courses are based on Minecraft, AI, VR, and robotics.

Competition Future Factory 🚀


Turn the Minecraft gaming time into learning new technical skills, programming and build your own  future factory.

Entrepreneurship education –
Our companies

21st century. Students practically train creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, communication and computational thinking. Shop
littleBits 💡
Electronic kits littleBits inspires you to experiment, creation and STEM self-study. It’s the easiest way to become an inventor. news

Meet and Code 2019

Have you ever realized how important it is to start preparing the future generation for the problems they will have to solve? So we do. That’s why…

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AI project day

Understanding artificial intelligence through play Project days “Our companies”, thanks to their success and popularity among pupils, motivated us to create another project day. We’ve focused on…

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Minecraft camp 2019

Project-based learning in Minecraft 40 hours of working successfully behind us! The plan of the week came out as we wanted … 20:40 hrs in Minecraft (building…

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