For creators

 Kroužky IoT a Minecraft
Suburban summer camps

Summer with project based education in Minecraft – smart farming, cities or houses

 Vodíková autíčka
After-school classes – Minecraft & AI

Programming in Minecraft, creating of AI solutions and game development

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Challenges in Minecraft

Challenges in Minecraft creations – Future factory, Game creator – let’s Create the future


Electronic kits ESPCraft, littleBits and other AI and IoT toys

For schools

 Kroužky IoT a Minecraft
Our Companies

Project day developing entrepreneurship and 21st century skills

 Vodíková autíčka
Discover the potencial of AI

Artificial Intelligence in a simple and fun way – vision, speech and understanding

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Climate Rules

Environmental education discovering the potential of sustainable technologies and business models

Hydrogen cars

Hydrogen technologies for primary and secondary education

Young creators of the future

Informal project teaching of entrepreneurship using the project day Our Companies and Virtual Prototyping in videogame Minecraft

Young creators of the future have really something to look forward
⏩ 100 Workshops in Minecraftu
⏩ 100 Project days Our companies (Naše firmy)
👫 2041 Supported primary and secondary school pupils.
👩‍🎓20 Educated nvias mentors 👨‍🎓

Project objective is to develop the competencies of entrepreneurship, creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, communication and computer thinking of primary and secondary school pupils. Next objective is to improve the quality of workers in non-formal education.

Details and registration for individual workshops and project days (only in Czech):

The project is supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports from the Operational Program Research, Development and Education in the call “Improving the quality of non-formal education”.

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