After-school classes 2019 / 2020

Free time classes focused on computational thinking and product design. The courses are based on Minecraft, AI, VR, and robotics.

Competition Future Factory 🚀

Turn the Minecraft gaming time into learning new technical skills, programming and build your own  future factory.

Entrepreneurship education –
Our companies

21st century. Students practically train creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, communication and computational thinking. Shop
littleBits 💡
Electronic kits littleBits inspires you to experiment, creation and STEM self-study. It’s the easiest way to become an inventor.


How the kids create the future in Minecraft

Our next Minecraft suburban education camp is over. The children once again performed miracles. The topics were the same: Smart farming and Smart living, or how to solve everything in the future in an environmentally friendly, fast, cheap and unnecessary way, wasting and polluting our planet. The teams came up with great ideas and a …

Program for creators – demo

Program pro tvůrce –

Program for creators – Minecraft camp

Program for creators – Talk to Alexa

Program for creators – Robosoutěž 2017

Annual report 2017

We have only Czech version of annual report 🙂

Here is short substract – activities, plans and proposal for international cooperation.

Our Mision
We are changing the future generation from consumers to creators

The vision
We want to provide every children and young guys who is technology enthusiasts the place where they can experiment with new technologies and learn by creating real and successful products and apps.

What we are doing, what is our “Program for Creators

Free-time courses
– using Minecraft – learning digi skills, creating games, presenting, creating videos, …
– littleBits electronics – creating product prototypes, learning design thinking, presenting the products to international littleBits community

Competition – Future Factory in Minecraft
– we have new web dedicated to Future Factory
– the main goal is to Turn the gaming time into learning new digi skills
– it’s not just about the competition it self – important part of it are workshops for kids where we are opening the potential of Minecraft
– videos from last year are here

Our Companies
– entrepreneurship education by playing the game – It’s a project day for schools – 8th & 9th grade and also high schools students
– it connects investment game, robot assembling and programming, building fictive company – defining market strategy – value proposition or even lean business canvas
– unfortunately the new web is only in Czech – anyway the title video show the whole process –
automatic translation by Google works quite well  🙂

Our plans for roll-out

What we have best prepared for roll-out is Future Factory and Our Companies
Going with our activities into international level is important part of our vision (the kids need to learn how to cooperate in international environment).

– international teams can join the competition right away
– we are able to organize an English workshop at dedicated location
– we would like to also start the community abroad

Our companies
– we’ve already realized some project days in English language for promotion of Startup Weekend
– usually we invite mentors/guides from the partner companies – so it could be the local support with native language
– the main language of the project day will be English
– the English is bonus value as the kids practice in real situation and learn how to pitch

#getinvolved contact us and we will do amazing stuff together 🙂



STOP learning – START creating

Accelerate your career – become a Mentor

Are you fascinated by digital technology, IoT, programming, etc.?
Do you have  some skills you can share?
Become a Mentor of our meetups and help us with our Products.

What you will get?

  • Training on the creating – in the area:
    • Leadership, Project and Product management
  • Reward and Certificate
  • Opportunity to create Products
  • Opportunity to Start new Startup

Let us know about yourself – send us email –