Future Factory ŠKODA Auto

  • creating an automated factory in Minecraft – automatic stackers, autonomous carts and an automated line
  • sponzored by ŠKODA auto
  • usage of  Redstone circuits a Command blocks
  • video introduction and tutorial
  • online workshop for children

Future Factory

The competition, which has been organised by Nvias since 2017, is designed to test the information, programming and creative skills of young competitors. They are tasked with inventing an original factory and putting it into practice. Teams have to think of what their factory should produce and use Redstone circuits and Command blocks to make the factory operational. Once the team has the factory built and fully equipped all they have to do is make a video showcasing their creation. Then they compete in their age category for various prizes. Examples of factories from previous years are available to inspire the young creators, although each year we witness numerous creative and original designs. 



The Model Factory – ŠKODA Auto

Thanks to our cooperation with ŠKODA Auto, we were able to hold an online workshop where children had the opportunity to try out logic circuits and automation. The factory was logistics focused, featuring automatic stackers, autonomous trucks and a fully automated production line. The factory is easily replicable and can be operated by complete beginners as well as experienced players and programmers. The factory perfectly serves as a virtual prototype to represent the vision of the automotive industry. The project includes a video that not only introduces the factory and its operation, but also serves as a tutorial and attraction for anyone who would like to try a similar project.  


The goal of the project

The primary goal of the project is to encourage the youngest generation to apply new practices and trends within the production process. Young talents develop logical thinking, creativity, cooperation, informational and programming skills. They also learn about visions of the future and are introduced to the concept of sustainable development in its full sense. The environment of Minecraft is ideal for them, as most of them actively play the game. This way we can motivate children to create truly spectacular works of art in a creative game instead of mindlessly killing zombies and building simple houses, as they often do in Minecraft.

Virtual reality is an imporant aspect of our future, and thanks to ŠKODA Auto, we can introduce children to its fundamentals and principles. Thank you


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