Project days with O2 Smart School

  • Carrying out 4 “Our Companies” project days  at the 2nd grade of the Vladislav Vančura Elementary School , Prague Zbraslav under the guidance of experienced mentors from Nvias
  • Funded by O2 Foundation – development of financial and digital literacy in primary schools 
  • Providing teachers with training  in use of artificial intelligence in education
  • Putting pupils into teams and building a robot

O2 Foundation

Every year, the O2 Foundation announces a grant call for primary schools from all over the Czech Republic. Schools can receive up to  100,000 CZK for educational activities connected with digital literacy. The grant call is open to all elementary schools in the Czech Republic. The condition is that the institution is listed in the register of educational institutions. Financial support is provided for projects focused on digital literacy. The target group are children and young people, teachers and the public. The active involvement of the school teacher, working with the materials on the portal and compliance with the limit set for the purchase of hardware are necessary. The school can also invite external training organisations to carry out the project activities.


Our Companies project days

 Our Companies project days are designed for elementary schools as well as high schools. The aim of the project days is to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for upcoming professional life – creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and IT skills. During the project day, pupils will learn the most important terms from business, economics and computer science. Pupils have to come up their own investment strategy, implement their marketing plan and represent their company in front of the others. They also have the unique opportunity to build and program a robot. During whole day are Children supervised by qualified mentors from Nvias.

Project days at Vladislav Vančura Elementary School

In the beginning, the students are divided into teams to represent the newly established companies and each of them is assigned an important role, for instance as a company director, production manager or marketing manager. Then our mentors provide pupils with all the necesarry fundamental information in the form of presentation. Afterwards, all responsibility passes to the pupils, who have to put their company into operation. The young entrepreneurs have to allocate their investment wisely, come up with a name and logo and choose the proper branch for their organisation. In order to start manufacturing their product, the pupils have to correctly build and program a robot using a tablet app, which has to pass a technical inspection by the our mentors. At the end, each team’s results are evaluated and the students present their company to the others.

Partnering with Nvias

In our  portfolio, we offer  a variety of activities aimed at developing computational thinking, with our dominant activities being project days promoting teamwork, creativity and digital literacy. Everything is done in a fun way with an emphasis on learning through play and positive experience. The content is designed to develop important knowledge and skills needed for life in the real world.

From the perspective of the teacher Mgr. Monika Trachtová

I rate all project days very positively. The project day  inspired  creativity in the pupils. In line with the activities offered, pupils showed positive emotions, were able to critically evaluate their ideas and tried out roles in which they could apply their skills. The whole day felt very balanced and I found it beneficial for pupils to work in teams that you have formed. I liked the reflective part at the end when the pupils presented their realised ideas to others. Thank you.

From the perspective of the pupils

  • Project day was awesome. Thanks a lot.
  • Had a nice day. Thank you very much.
  • Our team was very satisfied. We had a great time!
  • Thanks a lot. We would recommend this by all means.

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