IoT Workshop for high schools - GaSOŠ Rokycany

  • 4 IoT workshopy at GaSOŠ Rokycany
  • Industry 4.0 in combianation with IoT
  • Project design and programming in fun Minecraft world

 Content of the Workshops

An essential start is to introduce students to the basic concepts of Industry 4.0. Students will learn the standards of Industry 4.0, as well as get a basic overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications. Once students are equipped with the necessary knowledge, we can move on to the more fun, project-based part of the event. Students will be provided with their own electronic IoT craft kit – a device that allows the software created in the video game Minecraft to be connected to hardware components, using IoT, of course. The students are, as is customary, divided into teams in which they creatively perform the assigned tasks. Their final creation is then evaluated by the mentors from Nvias and the students have the opportunity to proudly present their project to others.


Goals of the Workshops

Minecraft is one of the most popular activities for today’s young generation, making it an ideal platform to develop their talents. Our goal is to “take kids away from mindlessly killing zombies and building simple houses” and show them all that Minecraft has to offer. At Minecraft, we can teach students the basics of programming with the Java and Mcreator programming languages. Using the Arduino IDE development environment, they can create connections between Minecraft’s virtual reality and hardware. The workshops primarily develop students’ programming, technical and logical thinking skills. However, the ability to communicate, collaborate and divide tasks effectively – skills essential for pupils’ future professional lives – are also needed to complete our complex tasks. Also important is the ability to be able to make an impression with your work and stand behind a job well done, hence the presentation section at the end. Everything is done in a fun way for the children and there is no limit to creativity and new ideas.


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