AI Discovery Show

October 19, 2022
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AI Discovery Show

An opportunity for high school students to develop their talents in technology, business and teamwork.

Why should you get involved?

  We run a total of 6 workshops that are carefully designed to help you develop in everything that interests you and everything that will be useful in your practical life.

You’ll be solving real-world problems set by our corporate partners. That means your work won’t end up in a drawer somewhere, but will make life easier for you and for all of us.

You’ll meet professionals. The project involves FAV ZČU and the corporate elite from the technology sector. You’ll learn a lot of new things from the best in the business. Making an impression on them may result in creating a new start-up or getting accepted to the university or getting an attractive job.

You can get rich from your innovation. We’ll teach you how to find an economic use for your inventions. A successful project will be a valuable product that will be in demand.

Will you be the next Steve Jobs? You’ll invent unique solutions the world has never seen before. A successful project can easily become a start-up and you will be the CEO of your new company instead of a high school student!

It sounds tempting, but will it take too much time and work? Yes, it will be challenging. Think about how you would spend your time differently. Exceptional people became exceptional because they pushed themselves. Because they worked hard while all others played. Because they believed they would achiever great things. You’ve already sacrificed your free time to read this. What will you achieve?

Technology’s not your cup of tea? It’s okay. Your team needs someone who can handle the business side of the project, who can help them organize their work and bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Workshops are aimed to develop both theoretical and practical skills not only in technology, but also in business, management and self-development.

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