The Grand Finale of the AI Discovery Show

The AI Discovery Show was officially closed on Monday 12.12. The event full of ideas and inspiration took place in the premises of our partner SIT Port. On the agenda were innovative projects from our participants, practical insights into technology and business provided by our partners. The highlight of the event was a speech by our guest Ondrej Rudolf on the topic of brand.

What is AI Discovery Show?

The AI Discovery Show is designed for high school students from Pilsen and the surrounding area. Participants will form teams and will be tasked with coming up with a new innovation in the field of modern technologies (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things). They will gradually improve their idea and slowly turn it into a product. The emphasis is on practicality and usability. We organize a total of 6 workshops (all free of charge) to educate young inventors not only in technology, but also in business, co-operation and self-development. We regularly invite professionals and experts from the Faculty of Aplpied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia to the workshops. Participants will learn on their way through the competition how to work with the latest technologies, how to turn innovations into an economically valuable product and how to effectively divide roles in a team and work together. Our ambitions don’t stop there! We will try to turn the most successful projects into what our society really needs – start-ups run by young talents with a vision to change the world.

The Grand Finale

The event took place in the premises of SIT Port and was attended by almost 50 people. At the beginning we listened to a speech by Ondřej Rudolf, a guru in the field of marketing strategy and brand building, who explained the concept of brand and further developed the topic of personal and corporate brand. Next, we had the opportunity to listen to presentations by our partners, who told us a lot about how technology works in the real world, as well as how to get ahead with technology and what it takes to make our tech start-up successful. Our Hydra team, which is involved in designing and then driving hydrogen-powered cars, was also given space to present interesting technological solutions. The team travels with their designes to many competitions, constantly improves their racing car and often achieves medal positions at competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Participants’ projects

Participants attended intensive workshops and practical seminars prepared by Nvias and its partners. Total of 4 teams managed to get to the very end of the competition. We had the opportunity to see their projects sometimes including practical demonstrations. We decided to briefly describe the projects to you, so you can admire what a team of high school students can create in less than 3 months. The teams confidently presented their projects in front of everyone present and our partners asked them questions about their projects. It was reminiscent of young entrepreneurs trying to sell their idea to investors and create a successful company. The participants were also given rewards for their efforts.

  1.  System for Integrated Rescue Forces

The ambitious project was focused on the development of artificial intelligence to solve one of the key problems of the emergency services – the problem of street traffic flow due to badly parked cars. The team managed to develop a prototype AI that can determine the distance between vehicles and determine if emergency vehicles can pass. The team plans to further develop the system and hopefully we will soon see technology that will help save more lives. 


2. Educational platform for high school students 

Our two-person team prepared a comprehensive and sophisticated business plan. Their product was to be an app that would enable some form of online tutoring for high school students. The app would allow students to help each other especially in math and physics. High school students would be able to learn the subject outside of school through the many conveniences the app would offer.  

3. Non-toxic social network

This team came up with a design for a non-toxic social network to protect users from toxic environments on other social networks while helping them deal with procrastination issues. 

4. A bracelet that will stop you from swearing

Last team focused on developing technology to help a classmate suffering from coprolalia (speaking vulgar language without realizing it). The smart bracelet would be able to recognise the speaker’s voice and visually and audibly alert him to every vulgar expression he says. Unfortunately, the invention could not be completed, but we were assured that we would see the product soon.

We thank the participants for all their efforts over the last three months. We are proud of their achievements. Students showcased enourmous improvement over a short period of time.


SIT Port – a port for tech enthusiasts and businessmen

Aimtec – Pilsen-based company engaged in the development of software solutions for various companies in different industries – e.g. Automotive, Metalworking or Fashion  

Digitální architekti – company engaged in data analysis, data visualization and mobile and web analytics Digitální architekti | Smysluplná analytika - srovnáme data do latě

Speech tech – an innovator in speech processing, analysis and generation and voice biometrics       

FAV ZČU – The Faculty of Aplpied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia 


A big thank you to our partners who accompanied the participants throughout the AI Discovery Show and provided many valuable and practical knowledge and skills. We would also like to thank the schools who connected us with these talents and enabled their further development.

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