Insight into plans – exploring the blockchain

Unlocking the Blockchain potential

Blockchain is technology with the potential to totally change current business models. We want to explore the potential in following areas:

Distributed organization

Where is the best place to start than start with yourself? We want to explore how we can distribute the Programs for creators added value, how we can share the program and how we can speed up building the community.

Smart mobility, blockchain and smart contracts

Smart and sharing mobility is definitely topic of tomorrow. There will be lots of new services supporting the movements of people and goods from one place to another. Who will take care about the shared car? Who will clean it up? Who will move him to the place where it’s needed? How we can manage all the involved parties and contract? Is the blockchain smart contract the right way?

IoT network, blockchain and smart contracts

Internet of Things will definitely bring new business opportunities and models. Could blockchain and smart contracts help the manage all the relation and distribution of the value of IoT?

Music blockchain

Blockchain could completely transform the music industry. It could remove the intermediators and manage the licence and right management. Blockchain-based services such as Ujo and Mycelia already work on this topics.

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