Program for creators – inventions with littleBits – summer school

We’ve prepared on-line summer school with littleBits.

It’s 3 days course to explore littleBits Code Kit.
We will build bacis inventions and remix.

Build Games. Learn to Code :-).

DAY 1 – Introduction and 1st invention

  • Introduction
    • littleBits
    • Invention cycle
    • Preparation od CodeKit and app
  • INVENTION  1: Ultimate Shootout
    • Create and code a score tracking game

DAY 2 – next invention with littleBits

  • INVENTION 4: Tug of WarImprove
    • a dynamic 2-player game with functions

DAY 3 – your own invention with littleBits Code Kit

  • CHALLENGE: Change the World Arcade

Registrace, dates, …

The course will be in czech – please switch to Czech language to do the registration.