Program for creators – „Our companies“

Program for creators – „Our companies“

nvias, in cooperation with Smart Edu Pilsen, has set up a primary school program to help pupils find a way for their studies We want to guide students to study in areas with high added value such as science, research, marketing, ….

What we bring to students?

Our project is a game – a project day, aimed at pupils of the second grade of elementary schools (specifically VIII and IX.).
The project consists of three interconnected parts:
1. Theory
– the structure of the manufacturing company, where the value is being added …
2. “Our Companies” Game
– Demonstrates to pupils how each department of a real business works and helps them understand what is important for business development.
3. Assembly of a robot
– within the simulated department of research and development pupils build and program the robot

Who will manage the game and how much time it will take

The game can be managed by a specific member of Smart Edu Pilsen, nvias z.s., In other cases, the mentors, or the pedagogical staff of the given schools, were trained. The game will always take one day (a project day).


Theory context

Investing in areas with high added value pays off
  • Research & Development – You can bring unique products at a higher price to the market
  • Marketing & Branding – You have loyal customers who respect your brand and are willing to pay extra
  • Service and Support – is not only a tool for quality service and repairs, but also for distribution of original spare parts and possible expansions, upgrades, …
By cooperating with your competition, you can do more
  • When you cooperate, you can completely eliminate market threats.
  • You can also be share profit from the market opportunities
  • You can better cope with threats and better prepare for entry to new foreign markets
Company position
  • A company with an even distribution of areas has a greater chance of surviving potential market threats
  • Do not forget about insurance and external consultants – a view from experts will help you better understand the market
  • Which company will be more successful? The one with a clear and long-term vision, or one that flexibly responds to every market opportunity?

Course and evaluation of the game

Development of the game on the interactive whiteboard.

Would youlike more information or a Project day?
You are a company and you would like to participate?

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