nvias transforms next generation from consumers to creators

Nvias is changing technical education. Since the begining nvias is creating a technology-oriented Programs for creators, which combine advanced technology, product design and business, all that learning by playing.

The main mission of nvias is to transform next generation from consumer to creator. The founders believe that a period of big changes is coming and nvias wants to be at the birth of a future generation of creators! That is why it creates a unique space for experimenting and learning new things, where the basis of each program is the creation of a specific product that the participants must be able not just create but also to sell.

In the field of technical education, it is necessary to link education and business more closely, it is necessary to respond and prepare pupils for future needs, which we sometimes don’t know yet. The current project – the Minecraft Future Factory competition motivates kids and students to create a future factory in Minecraft. This project is a clear demonstration of the interconnection between education and business, organized by Nvias with the financial support of the TIP – Technological Initiative Pilsen.

“Minecraft brings unlimited possibilities to learning by playing, from orientation in space, with 3D coordinates, over logical tasks and circuits, to simple programming. If you combine all this things with a long-term task, such is building a factory, children will learn the design thinking, teamwork and project approach. The final production of the video shot is the art of sales and marketing.” says Pavel König, nvias.

“TIP has long been focused on supporting technical education.
After the Technology lined with gold campaign, cooperation with nvias is an important step towards fulfilling our “nine recommendations” in supporting education in technical fields.” responds Pavel Duchek, general secretary of TIP.

“From the perspective nvias we feel the need to spread our Programs for creators in the region, with the financial support from TIP we are able to do it. We were pleasantly surprised by the big interest in Minecraft workshop in Stankov, where we had to split the participants into two terms.
The realized workshops show that in smaller towns the children are more aware of companies operating in their neighborhood, far more than the children in the big cities. Our programs offer companies concrete actions to support technical education in their region to support this relationship even more.” adds Pavel König.

Mentioned competition is not the only program where nvias connects education and business. Worth mentioning is also the program Our Companies, created in cooperation with Smart Edu Plzeň. This is a project day for elementary schools, which aims to show children the way a companies work. Point-out jobs with higher added value and encourage teamwork. Students build a company, invest in the market, build a robot, program it and then try to financially succeed in the business world.

The whole game is accompanied by a mentor with experience from business. At this time, nvias is currently looking for sponsors and companies who want to get involved mentors so that they can spread the program to individual regions.

Registration for the Future Factory competition is open to public

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