Electronic kits “littleBits” on trial in classroom!

During November, we visited the pupils VIII. year 1.ZŠ and showcase the “littleBits” electronic kits in the computer science lesson, in order to open the way to informative thinking instead of teaching office bundles. The class has always been divided into several groups and each was a project based on the kit. One group, according to the instructions, built a car, which subsequently controlled the phone over the Bluetooth, the second group programmed its melody through the computer and finally listened to it. The third group assembled an electrical circuit that physically interconnected with a painted football goal: “If you hit the target, the fanfare will come out!” 🙂 … and so on. Lots of fun and interesting experience with “littleBits”. “After a while the children worked with enthusiasm. They helped each other in the team and the electronics and the programming with the help of the “littleBits” tutorials did no harm! “Mrs. Přibáňová commented in her words.

Would you like to have this in computer science lessons? Reach your teachers and through them the school management to diversify your teaching.

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