How to prepare the video for competition?

For all participants of Minecraft FUTURE FACTORY, we have prepared some tips on how to make a video. You will also find answers to your questions here.

First, the most important – where should I place/send my video?

  • You can send the resulting video through the  


  • Screen capture
    • We recommend OBS – Open Broadcaster Software
    • Simply add a source – screen record, window record, or game entry
      To record just press Start recording – the video is saved to the video directory. It is stored in flv format, which can be further processed


  • Intro (we recommend max 30 seconds)
    • Introducing what we will see in the video
    • Team presentation
    • The name of the factory
  • Presentation of the factory (we recommend 2 – 2.5 minutes)
    • Prepare scenario for individual scenes
      • Choose the most interesting parts of your construction
        • Where does the automation work …
        • What is the most beautiful part …
        • Beautiful footage is the entire factory and its surroundings.
        • Then you can present the production part
    • Tell the audience what you are doing at the factory,
      • what is the process (from material to finished products) where you take energy, …
    • Do not forget to tell us what makes from you factory the future factory
      • Is it in the nature and environmentally friendly?
      • Or that he has fully automatic production?
      • … that he produces the products of the future?
      • … that it is energy-conscious?
      • Or simply that it’s nice and everyone would like to work there?
      • How will the factory perform?
        • Try gamemode spectator,
        • or you can go and change the camera view – function key F5
  • Conclusion (we recommend max. 30 seconds)
    • Final report for viewers – Acknowledgments for …
    • Subtitles – Makers of the Factory, Video Makers, …
    • be sure to include the name and author of the music you used

Can I build the factory myself?

YES, we originally imagined that individuals can only participate in the Free Style category. After you insisted that you could not get a buddy to build, we released all categories for individuals as well.

Does the video have to have voiceover?

No, just use some captions so we can understand everything :-). Check out the recommendation – Scenario at the beginning of this article.

Do I need to record video only by recording the screen?

NO, you can shoot a video anyway. If the screen capture is complicated for you, take the phone and record the video on the phone.