Nanotechnology at the Week of Science and Technology

We’ve join The Week of Science and Technology, organized by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, with two lectures on the contribution of nanotechnologies for today’s society. The first one took place on Friday 9.11. at the Jan Neruda Grammar School in Prague and the second on Saturday 10.11. in the Depa 2015 complex in Pilsen.

We are moving student projects to real products

The lecture and subsequent discussion were prepared and led by the authors of the Nanoparticles World Guide (Průvodce světem nanočástic,), Ondřej Šimůnek and Jonatan Šercl together with Nvias. The main aim of the lecture was to find public interest and verify the structure of nanotechnology explanation. At the lecture, listeners could hear about a wide range of nanotechnology uses today and about some nanotechnologies that are not yet available on the market.

We would like to develop the lecture further into a comprehensive curriculum. Practical workshops should also be part of the program. We want to explore both the new possibilities of using nanotechnologies and the possibilities of the production of nanomaterials too.


The lecture was realized with the help of Nanoasociace and some companies under it. Viewers could see some products or other materials from Nanotrade, Pardam, Nanoiron, Nafigate cosmetics and Advanced materials.