We are putting together pilsen’s team for hydrogen car race

We are putting together pilsen’s team for Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge – H2AC

Hydrogen technology will change the world. Responding to clean mobility, addressing climate change and transforming energy infrastructure. According to the vision of Hydrogen Counsil the hydrogen will be  powering more than 400 million cars, 15 to 20 million trucks, and around 5 million buses in 2050 (source Hydrogen Counsil).

Because see the future in the hydrogen tehc, we’ve joined the Hydrogen Automotive Challenge (H2AC), an educational program ending with the endurance race of hydrogen cars. The Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen sponsors the Pilsen team, which will be composed of students from Pilsen secondary and grammar schools.

Fuel cell – the heart of the hydrogen car

The hydrogen car is basically a standard electric car or vehicle (EV) where the primary source is not a battery (BEV) but the fuel cell (FCEV). The Fuel Cell generates electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen. The waste of this process is pure water and heat.

The H2AC training program consists of three phases:

  • Understanding renewable energy and hydrogen technology using Energy Box
  • Compilation, testing, upgrading and optimization of the competition car model
  • Endurance 6-hours race

The H2AC timeline

The program is mainly implemented as a leisure activity.

December 2018 – January 2019 – Team building
January – experiments – Energy box – workshops at “home” anx selected elementary schools
February – April – H2 car – build “GARÁŽi sitmp” and nvias. org spaces
April – May – H2AC – Czech – race

Pilsen’s H2AC team

We build two teams:
– competition team – number of team members 6 + 4
– non-competitive B-Team – work with current experiment with 20 W fuel cell

We are looking for a Pilsen team

  • engineers
  • mechanics
  • mechatronics
  • electro specialists
  • piles of RC models
  • designers

Combine fun with useful work
We will secure the opportunity to use the work as a SOČ, in a Technical Olympiad, professional work, long-term matur …

Are you interested in getting involved?

Write or shoot a selfie video
→ Why would you want to be a team member?
→ What can you offer skills?

Deadline for entries to this team is 16. 12. 2018

Do not worry – just ask 🙂