Results of the FUTURE FACTORY II – 2019 – competition

Select the winner of the second year Future factory in Minecraft was not easy at all. All the submitted projects made us absolutely astonished.

The decision of the winners on our loins was taken by representatives of our sponsors

  • Michaela Zemanová, HR Development, BOS Automotive
  • Ivo Mendrec, Head of Project Management STN, ZF Staňkov
  • Karel Luňáček, director of the company, MECAS ESI Plzeň

The technical design was rated by our mentor David Žahour.

And the Winners

Category up to 9 year

1st place – tým Super Minecrafťáci – ZŠ Škola Můj Projekt — Praha Jižní město

2nd place – tým Honza Majda Štěpa – 1. ZŠ Plzeň

3rd place – tým Red Stone vandráci – 28. ZŠ Plzeň

Category 10 years

1st place – tým Orange factory – 1. ZŠ Plzeň

2nd place – tým Robert – 7. ZŠ Plzeň

3rd place – tým Cheese factory – ZŠ Dobříč

Category 11 year and more

1st place – tým Meowcraft – Cíkrevní gymnázium Plzeň, 14. ZŠ Plzeň

2nd place – tým INFINITE – 15. ZŠ Plzeň

3rd place – tým Raptors – 3. ZŠ Rakovník

Category Free style

1st place – tým DD Team – Gymnázium České Budějovice, 1 ZŠ Plzeň

2nd place – tým WorldTech – 7. a 1. ZŠ Most

3rd place – tým Gaming 27cz – 1. ZŠ Plzeň


The best video

In this category, you have decided on YouTube. Even here the fight was really dramatic :-).

Winner is team INFINITE – you have to check their web just for this project web. Awsome!

Thanks to everyone who has participated, you were able to master the technology and make perfect presentation of your project – rewarding for everyone is an original T-shirt!

The winners of each category received complete Google AI Voice Kit including Rapsberry Pi 3.

We are looking forward to the next year 🙂


/execute if entity @p[distance=..5] run say Get ready for the year 2020


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