Entrepreneurship education by joint forces

Our companies connect Pilsen region, elementary schools and companies in the region

Children enjoy playing, real experiences and the opportunity to try things practically. Project day Our Company “Naše firmy”  connects all these experiences and, together with representatives of real companies, aims at studying in areas with high added value such as science, research, marketing…. It ensures the development of business competencies together with creativity and initiative, communication and teamwork.

Project extension in the Pilsen Region

As a part of its vocational training program, the Pilsen Region supported the realization of our companies at selected primary schools in the region. Pupils from Klatovy ZŠ Plánická ul., ZŠ Čapkova street and Masarykova ZŠ were involved. From Domažlice Elementary School Komenského ul., Primary school and kindergarten Msgre. B. Stašek and then the elementary school Staňkov, ZŠ Bor, and ZŠ Hornická in Tachov.

Involvement of local companies

Companies from association Technological Initiative PilsenZF Staňkov, Grammer CZ Tachov a Technické pružiny SCHERDEL Bor have helped to expand and support project days even more.

The company’s support for project days is crucial, both in terms of funding and know-how transfer. It is important that companies in their social responsibility realize the benefits of supporting project days in their region.

“Today, no one can imagine exactly what to expect in the future. Grammer CZ customers rely on the creative and innovative solutions that the company creates. That is why we support project days Our companies, which develop skills for the 21st century, such as creativity, critical and informative thinking, communication and teamwork, ”says Martin Kuržeja, HR manager of Grammer CZ on the question of why our companies support project days.

An example of transferring know-how from the corporate environment to schools is the exemplary Value Proposition Canvas from ZF Staňkov. Using this pattern, pupils can more easily understand the work with this template and can better design their own unique value for their customers.

Opportunity for pupils

Our companies bring project learning to schools, which means practical application and learning of new skills and knowledge from different disciplines. The main goal is to motivate pupils to develop their talents. Everyone will find activities in the company that they enjoy and in which they stand out.

“In our region, it is very important to show children the way and opportunities for further education in fields with high added value. That is why the project day is a great opportunity for pupils to gain a lot of new experience. The cooperation with local companies allows children to practice real jobs . We very much appreciate the support from Technické pružiny SCHERDEL company, which has supported the project,” says Mgr. Daniel Koblen, Director of Elementary School Bor.

“It was fun. We used to build a robot, we used to go for cards with assignment and we programmed the robots. We just made our own business. We made up our logo, the name, how it would go, etc., ” commented one of the pupil from the elementary school Bor. Other pupils add: “It’s a lot of fun, getting to know new things and working with others in the group.”, “… and it can help you to decide what you would like to study next. “,” You realize if you would like to work for the company, or what you would like to do.” the pupils agree.

Answers to other questions are also available from Bor’s Elementary School pupils. For example, what part of the project day is most interesting. Interesting is the comparison with the answers from Pilsen pupils, which was most interested in the investment game itself (the game is focused on understanding and creation of value added companies). For pupils from Bor, the programming of the robot and the creation of their own marketing was just as interesting as the game. We perceive it as a very positive taste, learning new things and also the joy of results, because it is the certification of programs and the creation of marketing that is much visible in building a company.

Plans for development

“We designed the project day in cooperation with nvias in order to motivate children to do business and to study technical fields. We are pleased that nvias is expanding this amazing project beyond the city borders,” says Ing. Anna Čudáková, project manager responsible for support of entrepreneurship in SITMP. is planning to expand project days Our companies in the region. If you are interested to join, do not hesitate to contact them.