Minecraft camp 2019

Project-based learning in Minecraft

40 hours of working successfully behind us! The plan of the week came out as we wanted … 20:40 hrs in Minecraft (building + programming), 4:40 hrs presentation, 3:20 hrs project work (plans + revisions, off-computer), 3:45 hrs sport, games and outdoor activities, 1:20 hrs listening to the assignment and the remaining 6:15 hrs took us lunches and snacks. This is how project-based learning takes place using the Minecraft virtual environment.

Plan of the week

On Monday we divided the topics. There were three choices: smart farming, smart living and smart city. We have 4 teams. Each morning the teams planned their tasks and started working in the minecraft. Then after a small snack and a few games outside we went to work again. Because there are no cakes without work, we did not have to worry and we were happy to have a great lunch. The afternoon was mostly filled with project work and outdoor activities.

Project outcomes

As a result of our weekly work we got 4 projects – prototypes in Minecraft, which we automated by ourselves using redstone and command block. In the end, the teams made a 3-minute video and prepared a final presentation, which they presented on Friday to the audience.

So the children learned not only how to work in a team, but also to realize their own real project and to assert themselves in the future to attract sponsors or companies. Such experiences will certainly come in handy in their lives.

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