Days of Science and Technology

Come to visit us at the Days of Science and Technology in Pilsen on September 20 – 21. 2019 at the Republic Square. This year Nvias will again participate as an exhibitor, even with three themes. A hydrogen car, artificial intelligence and of course Minecraft will not be missing.

With a hydrogen car, students will introduce you to the true future of the automotive industry – hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). Also on this occasion will be looking for new members (students) for the team for the next season of Horizon Grand Prix.

Michael – our TJBot from IBM or Alexa and Google Voice Kit will welcome you on the next table. You will learn how artificial intelligence (AI) really works and that it is not as complicated as it looks, you will even try it.

The third topic – Minecraft – redstone circuits, commands and command blocks will of course not be missing.

We are looking forward to seeing you and hope for a lot of visitors.