AI project day

Understanding artificial intelligence through play

Project days “Our companies”, thanks to their success and popularity among pupils, motivated us to create another project day. We’ve focused on AI – we’ve capitalized on the experience from our Program for AI Creators classes too. Project day “Objevte potenciál umělé inteligence” is based on the simple principle of learning through playing and tries to explain to students how artificial intelligence works, how to work with it and how to create AI solutions. It seems like it’s a rocket science and it’s hard to understand it. On the contrary, there’s nothing complicated about AI. It works almost like any other device around us. And that’s why it’s even easier to understand it during the game.

Vision – Speech – Understanding

Our first test day took place at the Luděk Pika Grammar School in Pilsen. The program consisted of computer vision, speech technology (speaking and listening) and text comprehension. The whole day consisted in building AI startup – a company from the ground up, in the field of artificial intelligence. The students were thrilled, and when Michal the TJ bot from IBM greeted them, and further given tasks, they quickly understood what was required and what was required of them. Throughout the game, they were able to understand and understand the various processes and simple programming of artificial intelligence.

AI Startups

They led their fancy business from the very beginning to real products, such as artificial intelligence for finding ideal holiday from offers from various travel agencies, checking motorway drivers’ awareness, classroom and public cleanliness, etc.

We hope that there will be plenty of opportunities to give students the opportunity to come up with such interesting ideas, as well as opportunities to improve the project day itself.