Meet and Code 2019

Have you ever realized how important it is to start preparing the future generation for the problems they will have to solve? So we do. That’s why we’ve joined Europe-wide event Meet and Code.

Code for the planet

The aim of Meet and Code events is to introduce children and students to the world of modern technology in a fun way. By discovering all these technologies, creative and simple programming, they have the courage to embark on larger projects or develop the digital skills they need in today’s world. Thanks to all these technologies we have the possibility to effectively solve even global problems.

We organized a total of two events on the same principle, only for different age groups. for young children and older students of primary or secondary schools. Both of these days we’ve been involved since the Code for the Planet challenge to support SDG13 – climte action.

Younger children were tasked to build in Minecraft their ideas on how to tackle climate change or ocean pollution. On the contrary, older children in this area thought how to solve these problems using artificial intelligence, such as used to recognize the kind of garbage or recognizer of clean and dirty floors.

We’ve been pleased to took a part in this global event.