Our comapnies project day impact

Motivation for higher education and technical studies

Realization over 30 project days Our companies took place during the autumn 2019. We’ve evaluated the impact of the project day on pupils’ motivation.

30% increase​ of interest for tech fields​

It turned out that the project day is not only entertaining and beneficial from the pupils’ point of view, but that it motivates to further higher education and to further study of technical fields.

We bring pupils experiences that explain where companies create added value troughout the day. They face situations where they have to invest in their own research and development so that they can generate necessary profits in the other rounds of the game. They also realize that building a robot is simple, and successful program certification brings additional profits to the company.

Partner companies are a key part of motivation

A key part of this motivation is the introduction of a technology partner company where pupils see the practical impact of implementing new technologies. They try to imitate the company in a certain way. Huge thanks in this area belong to the companies Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn a ZF Staňkov, which are leaders in their fields.

The results are gratifying. We help pupils to clarify their future field of study and at the same time attract them to technical fields. Before the project day, over 40% of pupils are unclear about their aspirations.

  • The analyzed data comes from 587 participants of Our Companies* project days. This represents 3.01% of the population of second grade pupils in the Pilsen Region.
  • In the period September – December 2019 we visited 15 elementary schools in the Pilsen Region, which corresponds to 11.5% of primary schools with the grade 6 – 9 in the region**.
  • A little more boys were involved in the survey.
  • The largest group was 14-year-olds.

* As part of the impact analysis, data was collected from 643 participants of the Our Company project days. Some of the questionnaires did not contain all the basic data and were therefore included only in the relevant partial statistics.

** In the Pilsen Region, 19.500 pupils attended the 2nd level of primary school in 2018/19 (latest available data). In the same school year there were 130 such elementary schools in the Pilsen Region.

The project day helped the participants in the decision-making process, the drop in the “don’t know” response is visible 13.63% of the participants then changed their aspirations after the project day, all towards a higher level of education. ​

72% rate the project day as beneficial

89% liked the project day.

Shift in computational thinking
and skills for the 21st century

There is a statistically significant increase in self-evaluation of participants in all competencies of computational thinking after the project day.

After the project day, there was a statistically significant improvement in the competences for the 21st century – creativity, critical thinking, communication and cooperation – the “4C’s”. Critical thinking was strengthened most significantly during the project day.

The boys shifted in their ability to recognize patterns

Girls turn in creativity and teamwork

Boys have statistically significantly more (than girls) shifted in the ability to recognize patterns. While girls turn in the creativity and teamwork.

Data was collected using a simple inventory, where participants evaluated themselves in three areas on a scale of 1-10. The data were collected by pencil-paper method.

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