Artificial Intelligence and games for a good mood

Covid-19 good news


We want to show how artificial intelligence can help. We want to spread good news and thus promote good mood in the current situation.
  .. and we want to show off what the boys can do too:-)


Participants of the after-schools class Program for AI Creators have prepared a demonstration of the use of artificial intelligence to solve problems related to the spread of Koronavir. 8 boys aged 12 – 15 worked on the project. The first version was created within one week, where the guys met twice on the online class and then worked outside the class time – all communication was online.


Here you can test our page Covid-19 good news

  • Game
    You can play a game where you fight against the spread of coronavirus and learn what protective equipment you should use.

  • Coronabot (only in Czech)
    Chatbot with which you can talk about coronavirus from a little different perspective. Chatbot will try to answer you in the form of good news. The guys keep updating the Chatbot so you can always get a new message.

If you have any tips on adding dialogs, write to, or you can write a Pull request directly at GitHub