Students create AI startups online

Our very first ONLINE project day on artificial intelligence took place thanks to the support of SIT Port.

The goal of the project day was to acquaint high school students with artificial intelligence. Thanks to the fact that they were not afraid to try to work with AI, they gained a lot of experience, which they immediately applied in creating solutions to the problems of today’s society.

We had a total of four teams. In each team, students divided roles, as in a real company, and began work on their Startup. Their task was to think about a certain problem and come up with an easy and smart solution with the help of AI. 

Contracts simplified 

The blue team from GFK, SOUEPL and SPŠE came up with the idea of ​​simplifying the understanding of contracts in two lines, from the game user conditions to the financial contracts. They used Neural language processing and Dialogflow – a tool for creating a chatbot. They used the financial contracts they analyzed to process this information. They then concluded that thanks to their clever solution, executors are likely to lose their jobs, but analysts and lawyers will be needed more to train the contract analyser.

Smart solution for ski resorts

The green team, students from VOŠ and SPŠE in Pilsen, came up with the idea of ​​AI SKY (SKI (skiing), SKY (sky -> cloud services)) artificial intelligence, which prevents the rental of ski passes among skiers. It prevents this with the help of cameras that recognize faces, body build, clothing and a voice device that can recognize the voice. They would then further expand their clever solutions to ensure safety on the cable cars, to a clever canteen, which would order food for you by voice, and when you arrived, you would have the food ready.

Mirror wit AI

The red team with members from the Masaryk Grammar School in Pilsen and one member from the Grammar School and Secondary School Rokycany, came up with a clever mirror that communicates with you and even in the morning, when you look in that mirror, it can chceck your calendar and tell you what are your plans for today. So they used artificial intelligence to recognize your face and for voice control. The information displayed will be data from your calendar or Google account.

Smart improvments for cars

The last purple team from the Jaroslav Vrchlický Grammar School in Klatovy came up with a solution to facilitate the driver’s orientation in traffic. Artificial intelligence will recognize traffic signs or billboards and banners. Their artificial intelligence is designed to complement today’s obsolete cars. AI can also be connected to radio or navigation, for example.

“We were very excited about the AI ​​project day with We were able to work together and in a relatively short time we were able to come up with a project, using artificial intelligence, which we will certainly continue to develop.”

Martin, Grammar school and SOŠ Rokycany

Connection wit a real buisness

Representatives from the Innovation team from Socialbakers introduced students to how AI is used in social media marketing. They also showed experiments that show the power of AI tools and at the same time potential threats, for example when generating fake-news.

“It was very interesting to meet virtually so many young students who were interested in artificial intelligence and came up with a number of new ideas on how to use it well.”

evaluated the project day by Petr Krejzl, Head of Research at Socialbakers

In the final presentation, the individual teams tried out how to sell themselves and their idea. When presenting their solution, they sought the favor of virtual investors and all potential customers.

We believe that the students learned a lot on the project day, and that they drew a lot of inspiration into their own Startups. We hope that there will be many such opportunities and we look forward to further cooperation.

Here is a short recod from the project day (only in Czech language)