Online Minecraft camp

Thank you for a great camp. It took my breath away how nicely the children presented and what nice works they built. The son was thrilled. I would like to register him for another project.

Ivana P.

Our mentors cooperate with Bridge Academy and the Pilsen Region on an Online camp in the virtual environment of Minecraft on the topic of Smart city and Smart farming.

Development of polytechnics skills in Minecraft

The virtual environment in Minecraft simulates the real world and thus supports the development of technical thinking and creativity. Children works in teams of 2 – 4 participants. They solve real-world problems in their projects. The task is to solve the problems of cities and agriculture of the future by applying wider contexts, especially economic, scientific and social.

The result of the project will be the design of an integrated solution created in the virtual environment of the game Minecraft.

In addition to polytechnic skills, children will also acquire:

  • basics of electronics, where he creates electronic circuits using, ie. redstone blocks.
  • mathematical literacy – creating objects in a 3D world using the coordinate system of the game Minecraft, using the commands FILL and CLONE
  • computer thinking when working with command blocks
  • reading literacy and critical thinking in the processing of information sources on selected topics
  • last but not least, presentation skills, in the framework of ongoing presentations and the final presentation of projects

Event details

  • 3 day – from 9:00 do 15:00 (on friday we atart at 13:00)
  • capacity 12

Camp results

You can watch the live stream recording of final presentation on YouTube:

New dates – registration

Dates: 27. – 29. 11. 2020

Registration at Bridge Academy.

The camp is FREE of charge for children from the Pilsen region within the project Support of Vocational Education in the Pilsen Region,