Annual report 2019

International Volunteer Day on December 5 is the perfect time to thank and look back on 2019. We can say that we managed to build a professional non-profit organization based on quality economic foundations from Despite the huge financial help of our project partners, huge thanks to the volunteers. Without you, we would not have been so successful in 3 years of operation.

We thank all the ambassadors who support us, spread the name and our thoughts and visions. We thank all the creators of the new educational programs, which in 2019 included programs around artificial intelligence and climate change. Thank you to everyone who supports us on social media.

Thanks to everyone who forms the name with us and changes the next generation from consumers to creators with us.

Over 2,500 inspired

The largest share in the number of inspired future creators falls on project days and camps of Naše firmy. It is a very intense and inspiring experience that develops all the important competencies for the future. In 2019, we also created a high-quality foundation for programs focused on artificial intelligence, where the prototyping of the project days Discovered the potential of artificial intelligence and the development of after-shool class Program for AI creators took place.

Companies care about education

Corporate social responsibility is key for to ensure the financing of our projects for schools as well as the organization of workshops and competitions.

Almost half of the resources come from the corporate sector. We greatly appreciate this support. Companies thus largely take over the role of the state and are actively involved in the educational process.

The largest part of funding in 2019 was provided directly from school founders, especially in the form of financing the implementation of project days.

The third pillar of resources for us is funding from parents paying for leisure time and camps. We really appreciate everyone who decided to invest in the future of their own children and chose our activities for that.

(only in Czech) Annual report 2019