Adopt AI for your business in a creative way

Do you want to improve your company’s market position? Do you want to keep your business up to date with new technologies? Then we can help you with a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential, show you how it works in real solutions and that there is nothing to fear about AI.

AI Enterprise

AI Enterprise is a series of workshops which are part of our program AI Discovery. In our program we focus on highlighting the general knowledge about AI among students and SMBs. 

We know that there already are many workshops on how to adopt new technologies in your company, but they are often too theoretical, or you end up creating something in Python that you do not understand. We really try to avoid this, and we think that we are doing a great job in this direction. We have a lot of experience from both, the IT and business spheres and we are aware of the digital divide between these two sectors and we try to bridge this gap by conducting our creative and technology workshops about AI.

We decided to start conducting these workshops because of our first-hand experience from completing a study for the Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region about SMBs and their use of new technologies in their business processes.  We realized that there is a need of better understanding of AI among SMBs and our assumptions were confirmed after our conversations with and SIT Pilsen.

Creative Workshops

In our introductory Creative Workshops, you will get acquainted with AI, we will introduce you to the basics of AI. This means that we will focus on the business value of AI, examples of its use in practice, the possibilities and limits of AI. Everything will be accompanying by practical examples, and we will also show you some ready-to-use AI components, so you can easily try them and see for yourself how AI works.

Technology Workshops

In our technology workshops, we will look at more practical things related to AI. We will introduce you to the basic components of machine learning – vision, speech, comprehension and prediction. Then we will help you to identify the most suitable solution using AI for your business. 

Proof of Concept (POC)

After series of our creative and technology workshops and identifying where it would be best to implement AI in your business, we will create POC of your solution with you, so you will leave our workshops with acquired AI knowledge and the accurate idea of how to implement AI in your company.

We believe that we can help you overcome the gap between your company and new technologies and that our workshops will help you to streamline your business processes. If you have any questions to any part of our AI Enterprise program, please contact us.