Students apply AI in practice!

We organize the AI ​​Discovery tournament for students who have gone through a project day showing the potential of artificial intelligence. Supporting partner companies will present a challenges to the students in the form of a real business problems.

4 hours to design a business solution using AI

Under the guidance of mentors from, students will prepare a solution proposal, including a simple demonstration. Students come equipped with basic knowledge of computer vision, voice technology and comprehension of texts. Newly, students will get acquainted with predictive models, which are starting to be used more and more in business.

AI Discovery Tournament

From 450 students who completed AI Discovery in the autumn, we will select 5 x 5 x 5 .. 5 teams of 5 students from 5 high schools and grammar schools. Students will compete for the best solution proposal for a selected business topic.

Students from:

  • VOŠ SPŠE Plzeň
  • INFIS Pilsen
  • Arabská Grammar School, Prague
  • High School of Agriculture and Food, Klatovy,

AI and creativity

Partner companies will introduce students to a real problems, which they will solve using artificial intelligence technologies. Students will go through a creative process of designing a solution. Each team composed of technical and creative roles will choose their own assignment to solve.

The usability of the solution will be consulted and evaluated by representatives of partner companies.

Partners who introduce students to real business issues are:

SIT Port | Smart City PlzeňSmart City PlzeňDCIx | Aimtec
Smysluplná webová analytika a marketingová metodika | Digitální – We are changing the future generation from consumers to creators

Business challenges for AI

  • automation of the support center – ensuring the first contact with customers, identification of the device on which the problem occurred using image data, …
  • solutions for the care of tourists in Pilsen – evaluation of the movement of recommending localities, targeted personalization of information
  • solutions for digital education – determining the types of students, personalizing the curriculum, recommending content and form, …
  • digital marketing – prediction of advertising success, analysis of creative content, recommendation algorithms


The event will take place on January 27, 2021 in the online environment of the Discord and AI Discovery platforms.