News joins forces with Bridge Academy

In the four years of our activities, we have verified how to use the potential of Minecraft for education especially in the area of creativity development and technical skills, but also in the development of other competences for the 21st century such as teamwork and communication skills.

We are now joining forces with the Bridge Academy so that we can offer our clubs, camps and workshops in the first phase on a nationwide basis and in subsequent phases throughout Europe.

Virtual after-school classes

Due to the current pandemic situation, we have primarily focused our efforts on creating and standardizing virtual classes in Minecraft. Verification in the first half of the school year shows us that we are really able to move children forward very effectively. In the second half of the year, we are already offering the standard classes “Virtual programming in Minecraft”, where we will work together with children on a long-term projects to develop minigames, or other projects focused on the future of our cities or smart farming.

Summer suburban camps

Next priority is to offer the summer suburban Minecraft camps. We can say that both nvias and Bridge Academy have several years of experience with these summer camps held in Pilsen, Most and Prague. We will now offer the camps in 16 cities throughout the country. Once again, we will implement week-long projects addressing future topics.

Minecraft after-school classes at your school

From September, we would like to start the lectures in person again at primary schools. That is why the development of cooperation with individual schools is crucial for us, to which we offer close cooperation in the field of digital skills through the use of Minecraft.

Mentors network development

We will intensively develop our mentoring network so that we are able to cover the needs of the entire republic. We have prepared educational programs for mentors, which are focused not only on the development of technical skills, but also communication skills and work with children. We are looking for both experienced mentors and we will continue to educate new people from high school and university students too.

Minecraft, and what’s next?

Minecraft is just a beginning in the new Bridge Academy. We are already preparing educational programs in the field of programming and latest technologies. We are working on the standardization of the nvias classes “Program for AI creators” so that we can offer it to talented kids all over the Czech Republic. Don’t hesitate and sign up for the Bridge Academy and newsletter so you don’t miss any opportunity for your children to ensure their best future.

We look forward to you. and new Bridge Academy