AI Discovery Republic Tournament

Historically first match of high school teams “AI Discovery TOURNAMENT” took place on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Individual teams competed in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The tournament followed a series of AI Discovery project days, which involve more that 450 high school students from all over the Czech Republic.

Schools competed in the January AI tournament:

  • Secondary School of Informatics and Financial Services: INFIS Pilsen
  • Secondary Industrial School of Electrical Engineering Pilsen
  • Grammar school Arabská Prague
  • Secondary School of Agriculture and Food Klatovy

How is the tournament going?

Within four hours, teams must understand the customer’s problem and, based on the design thinking process technique, design, program, and present their prototype to solve the real problem. The design thinking process is used by companies around the world and is a way of development. It consists of five phases: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. Thus, students will go through a real process in the team, which is used by the leading leaders in the field.

The tournament was attended by representatives of companies dealing with the use of artificial intelligence:

SIT Port | Smart City PlzeňSmart City PlzeňDCIx | Aimtec
Smysluplná webová analytika a marketingová metodika | Digitální – We are changing the future generation from consumers to creators

The partners worked together to assign real practical tasks for students. Teams had the opportunity to test their skills directly at companies. Each school had the task of creating its own specific project, which was then evaluated by the partners as investors.

During the project, the tasks were solved:

  • chabot to facilitate customer service solutions (INFIS & AIMTEC),
  • personalized marketing of product recommendations (SSZP Klatovy & Digital Architects),
  • technology for sensing inappropriate behavior in online after-school classes (Gymnázium Arabská &,
  • creating a system to support tourism in Pilsen (SPŠE & SIT Port).

The tournament program tested students on many levels. The skills that have led teams to success are, above all, the ability to communicate effectively in a challenging online environment, which is currently a reality for all companies. Because time is a relentless opponent, students had to deal with a limited time limit and properly schedule work among all team members. Team spirit, willingness and a sense of humor accompanied the entire tournament. The final presentation required a dose of courage and the

and inspire others. The correct presentation also did not go without a practical demonstration of a working prototype, in which all teams used basic knowledge of image recognition, chatbot creation, but also newly acquired information about prediction using the Bayesian classifier.

The teams handled all tasks very well. However, there can be only one winner of the tournament. In the final round of investments, the Arabská Grammar School won with a proposal to use AI technology for sensing inappropriate behavior in online circles. Congratulations!

And what do the participants say about the AI ​​tournament?

“I’m glad for the possibility of involving companies in the program, it’s great that we were able to try something that really makes sense.”

Petr, a student

“The work with the students was great, they asked questions, they were involved, they were fast and what they showed in the end could really be used.”

Jiří Dobrý, AIMTEC software development manager

To be continued in AI ​​lab

However, the journey of talented students does not end with the AI ​​tournament. As part of the AI ​​lab program, which we organize in cooperation with partners, students will be invited to continue developing their own artificial intelligence technologies based on feedback. Students can use extracurricular activities for their personal and career development, some are going to involve them in their school work.

We would like to open more and more opportunities for students to develop in technology and business, we are currently preparing a talent program in which students will be able to develop in areas that they will use to increase their own quality and attractiveness for future careers.

“Students never cease to surprise me, they came up with unreal ideas again and proved that they are more capable than the public thinks of them. And that is why we are working to make Pilsen open to the world and to new technologies. We want children to create a future world. ”

Pavel, project organizer,

We will definitely continue to organize AI Discovery and tournaments. If your company or school is interested in getting involved, we will be very happy if you contact us.