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Program AI Discovery

Have you thought about how to bring new technologies closer to the next generation, arouse their enthusiasm for technical education and help them in their further education? Are you part of a company that does not deal with artificial intelligence, but want to use its potential? Would you like to find out in which area of your company, could be the artificial intelligence used and how to do it? Our great team at nvias made an AI Discovery program that will allow you this all, and that we are able to conduct online even in the current position.

Our program consists of two main pillars. One of them deals with the education of primary and secondary school students, during school lessons in the form of project days and during free time activities. The second pillar of our program is the education of the general public in the field of artificial intelligence, in which we pass on our know-how about AI and the possibilities of its use in various fields of business.

AI Talent

Within this pillar, we acquaint students with the basic principles of machine learning – vision, speaking, comprehension and predictive algorithms, which students try out for themselves using artificial intelligence tools. In addition, we help them develop their AI competencies from the development of computer thinking through knowledge of AI implementation, to the development of artificial intelligence. We also help them to improve their skills important for the 21st century and their business thinking.

An introduction to artificial intelligence is taking place in primary and secondary schools as part of our AI Discovery project day. In a creative form of investment game, students in teams create their own project (on a topic assigned by our partners) using artificial intelligence with the help of various available tools and then present their project. After the project day, the best teams from individual schools participate in our AI Discovery Tournament, where they process topics assigned by our partners. As part of the project implementation, they use tools that they have already mastered during the project day, but they also get acquainted with more complex work with data and prediction based on available information. Enthusiastic students can take part in our free time activity  AI Creator. Selected talented students can sign up for our intensive AI Talent Incubator project, which will end with an AI Show, where students will present the results of their work and meet our partners who are involved in the implementation and use of AI. Those students who are interested in long-term cooperation and participation in our projects, can join our AI Laboratory, in which we will work intensively with them on their ideas, and if they would like, we will help them to create their own startups.

AI Enterprise

In the second pillar, we focus on raising awareness of artificial intelligence and clarifying its potential, its limitations and possibilities of its use in various industries, through creative theoretical and practical technical workshops, in which we introduce participants to AI. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of business processes by bringing companies to artificial intelligence, because we believe that the gap between companies that invest in AI and start using it for their processes and between companies that will continue to avoid it will widen so much over the next few years, that these companies will not be sufficiently competitive.

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