IoT workshops – create your own toy

A glowing flower pot that I respond to a watering condition?
Sound thermometer responding to sound?

What will you come up with?

Come with us and create at IoT workshops focused on the Internet of Things using the ESP32 platform.

Dates of event: 23. 11. 2021 – 14. 12. 2021
4x – on Tuesday, always 16:00 – 18:30

Venue: SIT Port Garage

There will be 4 workshops

  1. IoT product design (Design thinking, architecture and electronic circuit design)
  2. Sensor development – board and packaging production (use of CNC, 3D printing)
  3. Sensor mounting and product assembly (soldering and interconnection of modules, assembly)
  4. Product programming (basic logic and user interface programming)

Each participant makes and takes their own product – a board with an ESP chip and min. 2 own sensors and one active element.

If you are interested, register – write “IoT workshop” in the report.