Amazon Alexa & Google AIY Voice kit

We want to introduce you to the world of voice assistants and their programming.

Amazov Alexa

– what she can do
– how to easily program her
– Introducing the Amazon Challenge for $ 20,000
– Are you joining the nvias?

Google AIY Voice kit

– how to put it together
– what it can do
– how to program it
– how to expand it
– where can I buy the kit?

WORKSHOP  – 7. prosinec v 17:45–19:15
Location: Kulturka ZČU, Sedláčkova 19, 30100 Plzeň



Great atmosphere at Robosoutěže 2017 meetup

Great atmosphere – thanks to everyone involved

  • 50 people participated in the meeting in total, creating a wonderful atmosphere
  • we welcomed representatives from the whole region – Domažlice, Staňkov, …
  • all 9 teams  proved that their robot construction was able to fulfill the competitive task, which is amazing work for pupils of the 2nd grade of elementary schools

Take a look at the entire record of the meeting

Big thanks to our partners:

Program for creators – inventions with littleBits – summer school

We’ve prepared on-line summer school with littleBits.

It’s 3 days course to explore littleBits Code Kit.
We will build bacis inventions and remix.

Build Games. Learn to Code :-).

DAY 1 – Introduction and 1st invention

  • Introduction
    • littleBits
    • Invention cycle
    • Preparation od CodeKit and app
  • INVENTION  1: Ultimate Shootout
    • Create and code a score tracking game

DAY 2 – next invention with littleBits

  • INVENTION 4: Tug of WarImprove
    • a dynamic 2-player game with functions

DAY 3 – your own invention with littleBits Code Kit

  • CHALLENGE: Change the World Arcade

Registrace, dates, …

The course will be in czech – please switch to Czech language to do the registration.

Program for Creators – Through Minecraft To Success – evaluation

The meetup “Through Minecraft To Success” focused on programming in Minecraft is over.

What we’ve achived? What was our Target?


  • Create a minigame
  • Create a map with a story


  • Minigames
    • At the end we have 2 minigames:
      • Parkour – you can download the world here
        • Success
          • Basic logic of the game is working
          • We’ve learned the Command_blocks, Structure_block (for copying part of the Minecraft world), etc.
        • Fail
          • We havn’t finnished game lobby and some other details
          • We havn’t succeed in “selling” the game – invite other players from friends – It has been played only in our meetup
      • Question game (it was done solealone by Vít from 2nd class!)
        • download the world here
        • Success- využití Command_block a Redstone logického obvodu
        • Fail – again,  we havn’t succeed in “selling” the game – invite other players from friends – It has been played only in our meetup
  • Map with a story
    • download the world here
    • Success
      • the minecraft world is created, we’ve tried Redstone logical circuits and some basic Commands
    • Fail
      • we have no video with the story

As you can see we need your help next time 🙂 Will you join us?


Program for Creators – Through Minecraft To Success

The meetup “Through Minecraft To Success” is focused on programming in Minecraft.

Get ready with Minecraft for sucessful future!
The Product of current meetup will be own minigame built and programmed by Command Blocks.

(… and we have some fun too – PvP fights, … )

Sample of done homeworks:
– student of 2nd class – work with Redstone –
– student of 5th class – programming of CommandBlock –

Do you want to know about  next meetups?

Meetups – preparation for Robot challenge 2017 – LEGO MINDSTORMS

We are preparing teams for Robot challenge 2017 organized by the ČVUT in Prague.

We set up two teams at the 1st Elementary School in Pilsen. Our task is to build a robot from a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® kit  to meet the specified competitive task on “Shooting”. Built robots will measure their skills in a joint competition of 64 teams from across the country on Friday April 28, 2017.

Our goal is to succeed in Prague 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed!