Program for creators – Robosoutěž 2017 – lessons learned

Thanks to the organizers of the competition! Great atmosphere, T-shirts, raut …. We did not succeed, but we took a lot of experiences, lessons learned and enthusiasm for the next year !!!

Lessons learned:

Lack of time to design and test
=> Plan well the time!
Don’t be surprised by the entrance examination 🙂

Accuracy and strength of the construction
=> When the parts are released the robot
surprisingly does not behave as expected 🙂

=> Lots of amazing machines and complex
programs ended as we did …
0 shooting points
Keep it simple 🙂

Overall results Robot Competition 2017

Report on

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Meetup – programming Amazon Alexa Skill

This meetup is focused on creating new skill for personal voice assistent Amazon Alexa/Echo.

We want Alexa to conversate with students in English. You want to know how to program Alexa Skill? You want to explore complety new way of interaccting with computers?
You wanna join?

We will submit the project to:
You code, Alexa comes to life. Create new Skills for Alexa, the brain behind Amazon Echo.


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Robo Train

We have a prototype already. It won a prize in ROBOT REMIX COMMUNITY BUILDING CHALLENGE. Can we create standard building kit out of this? Or can we create it from Arduino?


This award will go to the Robot Remix entry that deserves special recognition! dany_k33 created a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Duplo train – now that’s what we call a remix!