MEGA boost 4.0 – The Development of a VR game

MEGA Boost 4.0 – The development of a VR game Mega Boost 4.0 is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union to develop skills necessary in professional life. Project includes developing and testing of a virtual reality game. What is Mega Boost 4.0 is about The project is part of the […]

AI Discovery Show is taking off!

AI Discovery Show is taking off! The AI Discovery Show officially kicked off with the first workshop on Monday 17.10.2022. Here’s what’s next and how the competition has gone so far. What is AI Discovery Show? The AI Discovery Show is designed for high school students from Pilsen and the surrounding area. Participants will form […]

AI Discovery Show

AI Discovery Show An opportunity for high school students to develop their talents in technology, business and teamwork. Why should you get involved?   We run a total of 6 workshops that are carefully designed to help you develop in everything that interests you and everything that will be useful in your practical life. You’ll […]

Project day with INFIS school – cooperation with SIT Port – AI Discovery

Project day with INFIS school – cooperation with SIT Port – AI Discovery Project day with students from INFIS (High School of Informatics and Financial Services, Plzeň) creation of a start-up by students and their participation in the AI Discovery competition supporting talented students workshop focused on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things cooperation […]

Young Creators & TIP

Young Creators and TIP project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science cooperation of TIP (Technological Initiative Pilsen) with Young Creators (under Nvias in the project days Our Companies) excursions of elementary and high school pupils from Pilsen and its surroundings to TIP member companies – max 30 pupils (organizational matters are handled by […]

Pilsen Hydrogen Cup

Pilsen Hydrogen Cup bringing together students and companies interested in sustainable development in the automotive industry exploiting the potential of young inventors – developing a sustainable energy source for the cars of the future Nvias cooperating with SIT Port a SKODA Electric (Škoda group) bringing in new enthusiasts Nvias finished the race 3rd Why Hydrogen […]

Education 4.0 in Pilsen Region

Education 4.0 in Pilsen Region Education 4.0 The Pilsen Region received financial support in a project focused on supporting teachers and stimulating pupils’ interest in technical branches with close links to regional employers. The amount of the grant was up to 188 million CZK and thanks to this we were able to participate in the […]

Project days with O2 Smart School

Project days with O2 Smart School Carrying out 4 “Our Companies” project days  at the 2nd grade of the Vladislav Vančura Elementary School , Prague Zbraslav under the guidance of experienced mentors from Nvias Funded by O2 Foundation – development of financial and digital literacy in primary schools  Providing teachers with training  in use of artificial […]

Climate Rules

Climate Rules Project day inspired by the board game Climate Rules  4-hour long project day about saving the planet for elementary and high schools in Pilsen and its surroundings and in Prague Education in ecology,  sustainable development, world economy… Teamwork – managing fictional states and their environmental ambitions       The goal of the […]