We are changing the future generation from consumers to creators

Whether you decide to change the world or just gain financial freedom. What is the key to success? Is there a code? I believe yes, learn how to code. And Is it enough? It’s fundamental, but it’s not enough, you have to learn how to put the things together, how to put them in context with our lives.

That’s why we’ve established nvias. We want to give children and young people the place where they can experiment and learn by creating real and successful products and apps. In today’s world you can really turn your dreams and ideas into reality.



Every journey begins with an idea, dream …

We want to create real smart products and apps successful on the global level. We want to transform next generation from consumers to creators. That’s way we need to connect  creative, technical and humanistic personalities together. Motivate people to self-study and together learn how to sell.

We will prepare products or apps and verify their potential for a success within the afters-chool leisure time meetups. For the successful products we will establish startups that will take care of further independent development.