Why nvias?

After 18 years in business I’ve quit the job. Passed 7 years I’ve led one business unit at AIMTEC. We’ve decuple the revenue, we’ve growen from 5 to 50 people and provided services around the globe. Someone’s told me It has been a great success. Well I think it wasn’t that big deal. If you have great people around you, company with strong vision and you believe in what you are doing the things will come. One of the greatest reward have been the chance to see young colleagues grow and became successful.

Now I’m thinking about my kids, can they be even more successful? Whether they decide to change the world or just gain financial freedom. What is the key to success? Is there a code? I believe yes, learn how to code. And Is it enough? It’s fundamental, but it’s not enough, they have to learn how to put the things together, how to put them in context with our lives.

That’s why I’ve established nvias. I want to give children and young people the place where they can experiment and learn by creating real and successful products and apps. In today’s world you can really turn your dreams and ideas into reality. Every journey begins with an idea, dream – nvias.


Pavel König