AI project day

Introducing a new project day by

A new project day for secondary and grammar school was designed with the idea of teaching pupils the potencial of AI technology in solving problems of modern society and development of human potential.

AI don’t have to be a rocket science

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been a technological breakthrough in recent decades. Smart phones, self-driving cars, augmented reality, personalized advertising, … Artificial intelligence technologies have become part of our daily lives.

Society is undergoing ever more intense changes, the way of life is changing and new problems that humanity will face. We want to educate a generation of creators who can use technology to their advantage to solve these problems.

We explain the theory to the pupils in the simplest way, and use tools to train their own models to easily understand how machine learning and AI technology work. In the practical part, students will try to train their own models of machine learning.

What is included in the project day?

AI Project day introduces to artificial intelligence in the form of project based teaching, summarizes the basic knowledge of modern technologies using AI, explains the principles of functioning of three areas of machine learning – vision, speech and understanding, especially neural network.

The theoretical part will also explain the historical, social and technological context of the origin and development of artificial intelligence. In the form of a discussion, pupils will reflect on the impact of AI on the future labor market, healthy living and health care. We will also address ethical issues that arise in connection with the widespread use of artificial intelligence: personal data protection and security, fake news, data collection and loss of anonymity, scoring the population in totalitarian regimes.

The practical part includes working with tools using artificial intelligence and building your own AI startup company.

AI startups

Student teams will explore the possibilities of specific tools with AI technology and devise a creative application to solve social problems. By working together in a team, the idea will lead to real products and thus lay the foundation of the company that will create and sell the product. The teams will present their solutions in the final presentation.

Each team member plays a different role:

  • business leader – creates a business strategy using lean canvas for successful company promotion on the market
  • solution architect – is in charge of creating the product itself through the design thinking process
  • machine learning specialist – is in charge of methods of artificial intelligence and selection of suitable tools
  • data expert – collects input data that are used to train AI models
  • marketer – creates a brand and raises awareness of the company by presenting it to the public

Mastering AI is a huge opportunity to be at the birth of new global businesses.
AI also completely transforms the business as we know it.

Develop students’ potential

The project day enables students to acquire a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in AI, as well as the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurship, creativity, IT thinking, presentation skills and a positive relationship with technology.

We encourage students to actively participate in changing the outside world and society. Experience with teamwork and job description of emerging positions and professions in the labor market is a great bonus for them and becomes a key choice in career and further study.

Some of the interesting solutions that students created during the project day:

  • AI to find the ideal holiday from various travel agencies
  • AI image recognition to control the attention of highway drivers
  • AI image recognition for cleanliness control in classrooms and public places

Whe You discover the potential of AI?

What does the online version of AI Discovery look like?

You can check report and video edit from the online day here.

Project day with AI at your school

If you are interested in realizing a project day at your high school or upper grades of grammar school, please contact Pavel König at or call +420 724 275 085. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to Your.