4th year of Minecraft Competition

Check out the final videos of the 2020 / 2021 season

Online ceremony

The Event will be streamed live on Youtube channel nvias.org.

You can already start the preparation for next year …

Build a factory of the future

Do you play Minecraft? Have you ever wondered what the future factories will look like? Are they going to be more eco-friendly? Could automation replace human workers?

Join the competition to win amazing prices! Build your own factory, use redstone and your imagination and show us your own vision of the future.

Set off on a journey to victory

Create a team

Gather your friends (and blocks) and build a great team.

Sign up

Fill in the registration form and join the competition. Each member of team must register separately.

Make a plan

What does the factory produce, how does it work, what is the power source, what does it look like?

Get inspired

Check out awarded videos from previous years. We also prepared tips and tricks.

Build the factory

Use redstone and command block to automise manufacturing process.

Make a video

Make a short video presentation of your project. For further information see the instructions.

Award ceremony

It takes place in January 2021 in Pilsen, every participant gets a unique T-shirt and the winner in each of the 5 categories wins Raspberry Pi 3 with Google AIY Voice Kit, ESPCraft kit og game Space Engineers

Join the competition and show us what you’ve got!