2019 / 2020

We proudly present the winners of the third and most successful year of Future Factory competition.

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In total, 37 teams joined the competition, 88 participants from 13 towns.

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  • Plzeň
  • Praha
  • Brno
  • Pardubice
  • Litomyšl
  • Most
  • Kroměříž
  • Chomutov
  • Plasy
  • Stříbro
  • Klatovy
  • Staňkov

22 teams finished their project and competed in 5 categories. Thanks to all the contestants for their videos and all the effort.

Thanks to the support of our partners, we organised 6 workshopes in Pilsen region. We are very thankful for the support, help and prized our sponzores provided.

The winning teams

It was really difficult to pick just three teams in each category. We beileve everyone who managed to finish their project deserve a lot of respect and admiration. We hope that taking part in the competition was enriching for you. We are glad you took an advantage of the challenge and that you develop your set of skills with us.

Thanks to all the participants of the award winning ceremony in Pilsen for their presence. All teams who couldn’t join us for the ceremony will get their awards, t-shirts and certificate by post.

Results table


And the winners are:

Up to 10 years old category

  1. tým Zabijačka kutilů
  2. tým FilMat
  3. tým TNT

11 to 16 years old category

  1. tým NGPCK
  2. tým Meowcraft
  3. tým NadnárodníKorporaceSoudruhů

Free style category

  1. team Gaming team
  2. team SOŠáci
  3. team Old guys club

Connecting worlds category

The most successful video

Congratulations! Thanks for being part of Future Factory! We’re looking forward to next year’s competition!

Let’s create the future!

The competition and workshops are organized with support of TIP association . Support of this competion is one of the activitiy for support of technical education in Pilsen region.

Local partners