2018 / 2019

Competition 2018/2019 kwons it’s winners


FUTURE FUTURE – a competition and workshops that open up the potential of Minecraft for learning technical skills:

  • using 3D coordinates for orientation
  • creating logic circuits using Redstone
  • programming and automation using a Command block

Important dates

  By joining the competition, you will also learn how to present the results of your work:

  • you will prepare a script
  • and shoot a video
  • you may also be presenting at the award ceremony
  • and maybe even you can present your factory at Future Port Prague like the winners of the previous year did!

Turn the gaming time into learning new digi skills

This year we will learn how to connect the virtual world of Minecraftu with the real world of electronics littleBits

Competition participants registration

(for registration on workshop, please select your workshop here)