CASA Adventure map

Set off on an adventurous journey to the CASA factory! Download the world created by last year’s winners and test your skill in a Minecraft map full of minigames. Can you complete all eleven missions, find all hidden emeralds and get to the last, secret mission?

The CASA Adventure Map is a fun way to learn about commands, redstone, test parkour skill, change the weather and the day and night cycle and all that without having to type your own commands. Premade examples are waiting together with interesting facts about Minecraft. A fun story will take you through two and half hour long game. If you’re curious about all the buildings, you will have much longer experience. You can also skip missions, but if you do, you won’t be able to unlock the special ending.

If you’re stuck, you can watch this walk-through video to show you how to complete all the tasks in this Minecraft map.

Download the world and play!

There is a README file that explains how to play. When you’ve finished, leave us a message how you liked the game through the form below.