How to prepare the video for competition?

For all participants of Minecraft FUTURE FACTORY, we have prepared some tips on how to make a video. You will also find answers to your questions here.

First, the most important – where should I place/send my video?

  • You can send the resulting video through the  
    • Send it to
    • Use Subject FUTURE FACTORY and the name of your team
    • Make sure you have correctly typed your email
    • Sent the file link


  • Screen capture
    • We recommend OBS – Open Broadcaster Software
    • Change the setting of OBS – Set File – Output – Recording Format – mp4
    • Simply add a source – screen record, window record, or game entry
      To record just press Start recording – the video is saved to the video directory. It is stored in flv format, which can be further processed
  • Video editing
    • For cutting, you can useVideo Software
      • Professional VideoPad – For Non-Commercial Use For Free
      • In Windows 10 you can use built-in Photos app
        • for older version of Windows use Movie Maker c


  • Intro (we recommend max 30 seconds)
    • Introducing what we will see in the video
    • Team presentation
    • The name of the factory
  • Presentation of the factory (we recommend 2 – 2.5 minutes)
    • Prepare scenario for individual scenes
      • Choose the most interesting parts of your construction
        • Where does the automation work …
        • What is the most beautiful part …
        • Beautiful footage is the entire factory and its surroundings.
        • Then you can present the production part
    • Tell the audience what you are doing at the factory,
      • what is the process (from material to finished products) where you take energy, …
    • Do not forget to tell us what makes from you factory the future factory
      • Is it in the nature and environmentally friendly?
      • Or that he has fully automatic production?
      • … that he produces the products of the future?
      • … that it is energy-conscious?
      • Or simply that it’s nice and everyone would like to work there?
      • How will the factory perform?
        • Try gamemode spectator,
        • or you can go and change the camera view – function key F5
  • Conclusion (we recommend max. 30 seconds)
    • Final report for viewers – Acknowledgments for …
    • Subtitles – Makers of the Factory, Video Makers, …
    • be sure to include the name and author of the music you used

Can I build the factory myself?

YES, we originally imagined that individuals can only participate in the Free Style category. After you insisted that you could not get a buddy to build, we released all categories for individuals as well.

Does the video have to have voiceover?

No, just use some captions so we can understand everything :-). Check out the recommendation – Scenario at the beginning of this article.

Do I need to record video only by recording the screen?

NO, you can shoot a video anyway. If the screen capture is complicated for you, take the phone and record the video on the phone.

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Complete tutorial how to connect Mineraft and littleBits

For connection between the virtual world of Minecraft and the physical world of the littleBits electronics you will need a special bitCraft mode and littleBits, including cloudBit, which will connect it to the internet. If you don’t have littleBits yet, just buy one here!

You can check the original guide in english

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