Fourth year of Future Factory competition in Minecraft is on!

The goal of the competition is to motivate children to turn the time spent playing Minecraft into learning new technical skills, and proving their vision of Future Factories.

Which skills do childern learn?

  • project management
  • team work
  • orientation in 3D space using coordinates
  • logic circuits using REDSTONE
  • programming and automatization with COMMAND_BLOCK
  • interconnection with the real electronics
  • presentation skills
  • video making

Why programming is important?

How does it work?

It’s up to each team, how much time and effort they spend on a project. Basic skills of using REDSTONE and COMMAND_BLOCK which they will need to automise manufacturing process can be learnt at one of our workshops and playgroups, that takes place throughout a year with generous support of TIP Pilsen and other sponsors on elementory schools in Pilsen region.

How can I engage as a parent or school?

We want to thank to all parents for supporting their childern in creative activities and we would like to invite them to accompany their kids to winner ceremony, that takes place in January 2021, in Pilsen.

We would also like to thank to elementary and high schools for passing the information about this competition to pupils. If you are interested in organizing a workshop or a playgroup activities at your school, please do contact us at magdalena.chupikova@nvias.org.

More information at nvias.org