Who can sign up?

  • anyone – just choose your category
  • also individuals can join the competition
  • pupils from nvias meetups are preparing for this competition automatically
  • together with TIP Plzeň, we are preparing workshops at primary schools in the Pilsen region – check out the workshop list

What are the competition categories?

The following categories will be announced.

  • up to 10 years – the factory built in vanilla Minecraft without modes, must contain the construction itself and some logic / automation using redstone
  • 10-16 years – a factory built in vanilla Minecraft without modes, must contain the construction itself, some logic / automaton using redstone and the function using block command
  • Connected worlds – the best realization of Minecraft and littleBits connection
  • free style – no matter the age, everything is allowed including the use of modes

Texture packs are allowed.

What do I have to create and send?

Each team must create a video with a presentation of their Future Factory. In the video, introduce your team and how you built the factory. Read the Competition criteria to know how the jury will decide.

We also request the following information:

  • Team name
  • Team members names (minimum 1, max 5)
  • The name of the factory
  • Short description: 250 characters
  • Video length must be 3 min +/- 15 seconds

Competition criteria

  • Factory and overall concept – own factory environment – paths for material and finished products, energy sources,…
  • Logic and Automation – automation and logic solutions in the factory and its surroundings
  • Video presentation – Team presentation, factory presentation, surroundings and all sceneries

Why sould I sign up?

All the teams that have signed up will receive:

  • tips and tricks for makeup for your factory,
  • alerts for workshops that will take place both physically and online
  • inspiration from other teams

Important dates

  • team applications – until 1. 1. 2021
  • submission of the competition video – 1.  1. 2021

Prizes for winners

  • each participants will receive original t-shirt Future Factory 2020 / 21
  • the main price in each category is Google Voice AIY kit – including Raspberry Pi