We are nvias.

We are the impulse to create.

What is nvias? impulse?

We reshape the young generations of consumers into producers.
We educate them in the field of technology and we open the unexplored world for them.
We help them find the impulse to create.

Skills of the future

Artificial inteligence, programming and the big theme of sustainability. 


Teamwork, project management and design thinking.


We combine our projects with game elements. 

Courses in nvias

Program for AI creators


In our plan we gradually learn to capture and program technology using mechanical learning. We will experiment and apply new abilities into real products.

Course of IoT Minecraft

Course is connecting the most entertaining video game Minecraft with the world of  ESP electronics. ESPcraft is a set, which helps you learn, how the world of internet things called IOT, works.


The  funniest and most entertaining course groups of programming and automatization connected with Minecraft and Roblox. Every attendant will learn the foundations of programming, game mechanics and will learn to see PC as an opportunity rather than as a toy thanks to this group activity.

What do people say about nvias? impulse?

I m glad that kids can do something, in which they can think and its not just a passive game. They can build new world and build our future, the fun way.

I was very excited about the nvias activities. I wanted to enrich our student’s teaching  in some way. After all, IT is our future and in nvias they got the right impulse.



Thank you for an amazing camp. It took my breath away how nicely the children presented and how pretty works they built. My son was thrilled! I’ll be happy to sign him up for the next project. 




What is the key to success? What is the heart of a company? Where are the highest gains hidden? To get the answer for these questions, you need to experience it. 

This project day will give you that experience and opportunity.  You will find that nothing is so complicated that you can’t handle it, that any idea is important, that together you are much more and what takes months for some people, you will solve in couple of hours. This day will give into your life something, what will be really useful. Emotion, tensity. It will wake up the competitive and creative spirit inside you.   

Students of 1. ZŠ, Pilsen

Project day Naše Firmy

Wrote about nvias

Grant projects of nvias impulse

Impuls to develop innovative approaches that will help students, educators, schools and companies to work together effectively in preparing the new generation for labor market 4.0

Impulse to teach the skills of the future – Teamwork, Future thinking, Problem solving, Flexibility and Openness with an emerging game in Virtual Reality.

Impulse for Prague teachers and students of primary and secondary schools, developing competences for sustainable development.

An international project where teams tackle climate change through competitions and cooperation.

Business on Mars is a Virtual Reality game that you can play in the classroom.

Impulse for gifted students. Developing their talent, business skills and creativity in the field of artificial intelligence.

After-school project days and workshops for primary and secondary school pupils.

Projects of nvias impulse

Project day for primary and secondary schools, where the students / classes can try on their own skin to define and get to know the importance of creativity, critical thinking and mainly communication and cooperation.

An experiential game developed in Pilsen, where you fight to save our environment by investing smartly and sustainably.

Competition for children in Minecraft, where they are building their own factories. Programming and automation can also be learned in a fun way. You can also use Minecraft as an educational platform.

Informal project teaching of entrepreneurship using the Our Companies project day and virtual prototyping  with the usage of Minecraft.

A project focused on the development of gifted pupils, which through workshops and consultations develop their talent, creativity and prepares them for the future.

Hydra Racing team is a racing team from Pilsen that runs on hydrogen. We race with models that we develop and build ourselves.

Startups of nvias impulse

PlantControl develops and delivers IoT intelligent units and a platform for controlling irrigation systems. PlantControl units operate on batteries and are directly connected to the Internet via NB IoT or LoRa network. This allows for great flexibility and speed of deployment even on existing irrigation systems.

We bring children and students fun extracurricular activities that will prepare them for the future.

Education – Support – Individual approach – International environment

An IoT gadget that connects your child’s Minecraft world with the real one.

With ESP Craft, kids learn how to handle IoT in a fun way.

Who stands for nvias? impulse?

We are a group of motivated creators who want to give the world an impulse to create. In our team you will find professionals, caring parents and promising students.
We create an experimental environment where we create projects that entertainingly transform young generations from consumers to creators.

Open jobs at nvias


Acquiring new partners with whom you are looking for a common vision that we can achieve together. 

  • work with CSR partners, planning, reporting
  • communication with the implementation team
  • full-time / part-time

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator manages the impulse of a particular nvias project. Takes care of the team involved in the project

  • implementation of projects
  • capacity planning,
  • communication with schools, mentors
  • full-time / part-time


Each of our projects requires mentors who would transfer their enthusiasm to the participants and start the impulse in them.

  • gives impulse to participants
  • conducts nvias participants programs
  • motivates for further involvement of participants
  • no need for previous experience
  • Part-time


An expert from practice passes on his experience in his field to the participants of our programs. If you are a retired developer, an experienced farmer or you have a passion and expertise in any other field and you want to motivate the young generation, we are looking for you!

  • volunteer / part-time

Who is the fuel of nvias? impulse?

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