Pilsen Hydrogen Cup

  • bringing together students and companies interested in sustainable development in the automotive industry
  • exploiting the potential of young inventors – developing a sustainable energy source for the cars of the future
  • Nvias cooperating with SIT Port a SKODA Electric (Škoda group)
  • bringing in new enthusiasts
  • Nvias finished the race 3rd

Why Hydrogen Cup

The growing demand for renewable energy is one of the major challenges of 21st century. We need creativity, ingenuity and critical thinking skills. Thanks to the support of Sit Port and new sponsor ŠKODA Electric, we were able to offer students the opportunity to test and improve their knowledge in a fun way. A new version of telemetry developed by the students was tested and the contestants also had to apply both their knowledge of the principle of hydrogen fuel cells and the combination of different energy sources for hydrogen cars. The ability to use IoT – the Internet of Things – was also important. The student teams were responsible for their hydro car from the first conceptual stages to the actual operation. Students had to pilot their invention during the 4-hour long race.


Pilsen Cup


On Friday 11.6.2022 the second to last round of the RC Challenge Cup – Pilsen Hydrogen Cup could finally take place. Our task was to prepare the track and depots for all participating teams. From 6 o’clock our professional drivers Matej and Adam tested the race track. Meanwhile, Honza and Michal worked on improving the telemetry – the technology for remote data transmission. Before the race, all cars had to pass a technical inspection, checking the amount of energy stored in the fuel cells – hydrostats. Of course, every car also had to have functional brakes.


From the students’ perspective

The race could finally begin. The thrilling battle lasted a total of 4 hours. Many teams were struggling with technical glitches. Cars had to be stopped in the depot and teams were scrambling to fix the glitches so they could attack the top positions again. Bad luck struck us as well and our machine also had to go to the depot from time to time. Thanks to great cooperation we managed to take the lead in the last hour. In the last minutes of the race, however, our electronics failed. In spite of that we managed to take a nice third place. Hubálov was the first to finish, the silver medal went to Motol Speeders. During the whole race there was not only competitive but also friendly atmosphere

We would like to thank all the participants for the energy they devoted to the event. Huge thanks to the SIT Port organization and our sponsor ŠKODA Electric, without whom the event would never have taken place.

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