Young Creators and TIP

  • project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science
  • cooperation of TIP (Technological Initiative Pilsen) with Young Creators (under Nvias in the project days Our Companies)
  • excursions of elementary and high school pupils from Pilsen and its surroundings to TIP member companies – max 30 pupils (organizational matters are handled by Nvias)
  • Project days with Nvias + presentation by a company expert on the operations in his company


Technological Initiative Pilsen is a voluntary and independent association of legal entities with activities throughout the Czech Republic and other EU countries. The main objective is cooperation in the field of research and development, mutual sharing of resources (personnel, economic, technical or development), optimization of production, economic and business conditions of members and also business support. TIP members include Eurosoftware s.r.o (supplier of logistics solutions for international retail businesses), Steicher s.r.o (a company based in Štěnovice dealing with construction and engineering production or Grammer CZ s.r.o (specialist in the development and production of components for automotive interiors and interiors of trains, buses and trucks).


Young Creators of the Future

  • free-time workshops and project days for elementary and high school pupils
  1. Young Enterpreneurs and Innovators
  2. Young Programmers and Builders

1. Young Enterpreneurs and Innovators

 This Nvias initiative takes place through the Our Companies project days. Our Companies project days are designed for elementary schools as well as high schools. The aim of the project days is to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for pupil’s upcoming professional life – creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and IT skills. During the project day, pupils will learn the most important terms from business, economics and computer science. Pupils have to come up their own investment strategy, implement their marketing plan and represent their company in front of the others. They also have the unique opportunity to build and program a robot. During whole day are Children supervised by qualified mentors from Nvias

2.Young Programmers and Builders

This program is carried out through a virtual prototyping project day in Minecraft. Participants will learn about the use of coordinates to navigate in virtual space, create logic circuits using Redstone and try their hand at programming and automation using Command Blocks. Young programmers have a total of 4 hours during which they must successfully go from idea to implementation and presentation of their solution. In this way, children improve their logical thinking and learn to solve complex problems in an organized and step-by-step manner – an invaluable skill for practical life. The virtual environment of Minecraft, which is particularly popular among children, serves as a great motivator, allowing them to learn through play. The virtual environment is ideal for making mistakes and learning from them.

More information:

 Our goals and achievements

  • carry out 200 project days – 35% completed
  • 2041 inspired elementary and high school pupils – 36% completed
  • 20 experts involved – 55% completed
  • 20 trained mentors – 50% completed
  • 10 companies and partners involved – 40% completed

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