MEGA Boost 4.0 - The development of a VR game

Mega Boost 4.0 is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union to develop skills necessary in professional life. Project includes developing and testing of a virtual reality game.

What is Mega Boost 4.0 is about

The project is part of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, specifically Key Action 2: Cooperation among organisations  and insitutions. The project focuses on the education of secondary school pupils with an emphasis on practical life and employment in the labour market. The aim is to develop a total of 4 skills which have been selected as key competences for professional life – for example: openness and honesty, critical thinking, ability to cooperate etc.


Parts of the Project

A total of 4 partner organisations are involved in the development of the project and each of them is responsible for a different part and produces a different output.

  1. Research – first of all it was necessary to gather the necessary data for the whole project. It was carried out amongst companies to find out which skills they valued most in their employees. Next, a questionnaire was needed for the other side of the coin – students, including several dozen from the Czech Republic.
  2. Educational videos – for the development of skills, educational videos were created, focused on the development of the 4 aforementioned competences.
  3. Methodology – An important part of the project is its delivery. Therefore, a methodology for teaching was compiled, which discusses how to educate students in the competences using modern technologies.
  4. VR Game

VR Game

The game is designed based on research and focuses on the development of individual competences. Currently, the finished part is focused on the competence “openness” The game takes you to the future, to a base on Mars. The game is played by 3 players. The player using VR headset has to go through several rooms and perform all kinds of logical tasks in them. After the first player completes his tasks, his 2 colleagues take over the responsibility. One of them acts as a representative of the team at the base on Mars and the other broadcasts from Earth. Each team member gets manuals, that are not complete, therefore good cooperation will be necessary in order to succeed in the VR game.

Project days for high schools

Output of the project will include, among other things, project days for high schools, which will include not only the virtual reality game, but also other game elements, educational videos and presentations. All these parts make up a fun three-hour workshop where students learn key skills, deepen their knowledge of modern technology and, most importantly, have fun with it all.

Testing of the VR game is taking place.

 Invitation for pupils from Pilsen to come and test our VR game has been opened. Some of them will be rewarded not only by this unique expirience, but also by the oppurtunity to be part of an upcoming conference in Warsaw.

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