Young Creators of our Region - We connect primary schools

We enjoy connecting. Giving momentum. To support and develop. So we decided to try a pilot event among primary schools.

The Programme of the Event

For the first time ever, we tried out the hydrid infrastructure of project days – we organised an after-shool project day for pupils from three primary schools at the same time. First, however, the pupils needed to be properly educated, so we organised a four-hour Our companies programme at each primary school, during which the pupils will experience what it takes to run their own business. They are tasked with coming up with a company name and logo, identifying the industry in which they will be doing business and devising a strategy to become a market leader. Just like in the real world, there are plenty of unexpected problems for the young entrepreneurs to solve. We also put the children’s IT skills to the test as they have the opportunity to program and build their own robot As part of the Our Business event, there is also a field trip to the company so the children can see how such a business works in practice. The children took on the tasks with enthusiasm and a series of great ideas and successful companies were created, such as: the production of a “robocars”; the development of universal pills that cure every disease or a company that manufactures table lamps. 


Pupils had the opportunity to visit local entepreneurs and see how they run their business. Places such as  zinc plant, café; library and infocentre all in one or local community center. They learned what it takes to run such businesses and what a successful enterpreneur is capable of.

Connecting Schools

At the end, we connected the event. Pupils from individual school were gathered and tried one more time to think of companies/businesses/services that would help the local region. The teams were mixed up so that there was at least one pupil from each school in the group to encourage relationships between the children, teachers and for everyone to have a shared experience. It was clear that the children knew the principle of the game and were more experienced in presenting their ideas. Together they came up with a company that would work on parks and green spaces in the villages; a robot that would use artificial intelligence to pick up litter around the villages; computers for schools designed exclusively for the pupils and a local jewellery and decorations business.

A field trip to a local entrepreneur was also held here, this time we went together to see the owner of roofing company, who introduced the children to the life of a plumber, roofer and car mechanic. The children could even try some of the simpler activities for themselves.


The project was funded by Ministery of Education, Youth and Sports

Informal project teaching of entrepreneurship using the project day Naše firmy and virtual prototyping using Minecraft. The project was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports from the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education in the call “Improving the quality of non-formal education”.

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